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15 Jun 2017

How To Pick A Spyware Removal Program


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Posted By Jan R.

Did you know that according to a CNN report that nearly 90% of all computers attached to the internet today have some sort of spyware or adware installed without the owner's knowledge? Spyware and adware are malicious forms of software than can run undetected and can harm or slow down you computer, annoy or trick you into buying something you don't want and in some extreme cases can lead to the theft of your digital identity.

The best protection against these problems is some sort of spyware detection and removal software. There are lots to choose from though they don't all do the same thing. Many many unsubstantiated claims about their effectiveness and some are only good for a few months before you need to pay for an update.

Here are some things you should look for when trying to decide which spyware removal software to use:

Free Trial: A lot of spyware removal software will actually offer a limited free trial of the program so you can run a scan on your PC to make sure you really need it. Most spyware scanners will detect a majority of the known spyware and adware programs out there, but some may detect more than others. Both Windows and Macintosh users have to worry about spyware and adware now, so it's a good idea to at least try the software before you end up purchasing it to make sure it runs on your computer.

Instant Download: When your computer is freezing or you're being assaulted with pop-up ads you don't want to wait for some spyware removal program to show up in the mail two weeks later. If your PC is having troubles you're often better off addressing them immediately and purchasing a program that can help you that very day. Instant download programs are usually cheaper to buy, environmentally friendly (no packaging or gas used to transport it) and are just as powerful as any software you may end up buying and having shipped to you.

Regular Updates: Because the adware and spyware out there is constantly evolving you want to make sure your spyware removal software is regularly updated to face the latest and greatest spyware threats. Be sure to research how often your software is updated and how much it costs. Some update on a weekly basis for free for a year, some offer lifetime updates and some only update for the first 90 days of ownership.

Owning a computer is like owning a car: you have to take care of it if you want it to last a long time. A few simple steps like using a spyware or adware detection and removal tool is a great way to make sure your computer lasts for years to come.


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