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19 Jun 2017

The Fun of Collecting Movie Swords


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Posted By Leland D.

There is a child hidden in the heart of every adult that will love to taste the thrill of collecting movie swords. Movies mime life past and present. Hence collection of movie swords cannot be considered as being totally divorced from reality. The compilation of movie swords is reality laced with poetry and imagination. Today watching films is an inseparable part of life and this has led to many developing the hobby of collecting movie swords. By doing so kings and heroes come alive in imaginative history.

Collecting movie swords is as easy as logging onto the internet. There are numerous movie swords and mention may be made of only few of these remarkable movie swords. Among the movie swords are Eragon Swords, 300 Swords and the best of Lords of the Rings Sword collection. The options of movie swords are numerous to choose and pick.

The online experience in searching for movie swords is an ongoing process with the replicas of movie swords being continually being launched to the market. By collecting movie swords one can start feeling like a their in the movie. All one has to do is to handle one of the movie swords from the list and start wielding them for excitement. Vampires can be fought with the Blade Sword of the Daywalker. Kingdoms can be taken over with sword of Alexander. To be a swashbuckling modern day pirate one can pick up Jack Sparrows sword " an identical replica of the one used in Pirates of the Caribbean. Movie swords are great for displaying on the wall and none will be complete without the sword from Eragon or the sword of Peter as seen in the Chronicles of Narnia.

The newest Hellboy 2 collection of weapons consists of a sword, a spear and a pistol. The imaginary world of the hero with big muscles and dangerous weapons comes to reality as the truce between Man and the unknown invisible world breaks down.

The 300 movie swords are true to the novel by Frank Miller as depicted in Movie 300. One of the best movie swords is the sword of King Leonidas who called out to the Spartans to unite. King Leonidas had carried the wooden Spartan sword while he headed the army of 300. This wooden sword is painted shiny black with a silvery blade to create the right effect.

The 300 movie swords have been made after direct consultations with the director. The battle-ready movie swords are forged by hand and the blade is made from steel. The length of these movie swords is 24 in. The grip is made of real wood and strap is of authentic leather. If required the blade can be sharpened by the creator.

Collecting movie swords is a constructive hobby as it detracts the mind from the day job that pays for them. We all need this pause in life, this entertainment and fun to recreate ourselves to face life in the raw once again. Movie swords can also be a great resource for teaching children history.


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