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22 Jun 2017

Windows 10: New Features, You Need to Know


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Posted By Josh M.

Consumers must be thinking that the name should be Windows 9, but Microsoft is eager to suggest a break with the past. Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft's Operating Systems Group said "We're not building an incremental product"

Microsoft considered the name "Windows One," he said, to match products like OneNote and OneDrive and its "One Microsoft" business strategy. But he noted the name was snagged a long time ago, by a young Bill Gates.
Perhaps Microsoft didn't like or Whatever the reason, The named it Windows 10
Windows 10 will be for Desktops as well as tablets, smartphones and embedded products, too.
Start menu is back again: Yes Now you can see the start menu which was not in windows 8. Microsoft tried to combine the familiarity of Windows 7 & windows 8. You can see the menu is split: On the left, apps are displayed in the familiar Windows 7 style, while on the right are more colorful "live tiles" that open the modern, Windows 8-style apps. The start menu is customizable also, so you can resize the tiles and move them around, and make the start menu tall and thin or long and flat how you want.

If you launched one of the new-style apps in Windows 8, it filled the whole screen and there weren't many options to resize it. With Windows 10, the familiar "windows" metaphor is back; you'll be able to resize the new-style apps and drag them around the screen like an old Win32 app

Everything runs in a window: Apps from the Windows Store now open in the same format that desktop apps do and can be resized and moved around, and have title bars at the top allowing for maximize, minimize, and close with a click.
New task view button: There's a new task-view button on the taskbar for quick switching between open files and quick access to any desktops you create.
Multiple desktops: Create desktops for different purposes and projects and switch between these desktops easily and pick up where you left off on each desktop.
Find files faster: File Explorer now displays your recent files and frequently visited folders making for finding files you've worked on is easier.
Other New Features
In Windows 8 interface you can't see which App is open on your screen and how to get back to an app. Windows 10 has a feature like OS X's Mission Control that lets you zoom out and see everything that's open on a PC, then select any app to enter it. You can also have multiple desktop configurations open and switch between them.

Microsoft also promises that Windows 10 will be more intuitive than Windows 8. Windows 10 will be also Touch Enabled. You will still be able to use touch to do things like scroll and pinch-to-zoom on laptops and desktops.
Windows 10 is everything Windows 8 should have been. Windows 10 will deliver the right experience on the right device at the right time. It will be most comprehensive platform ever.

In Short Windows 10 let's you work smarter. Click the search button to do exactly that -- search your files, the Windows Store or the entire Internet, right from the taskbar. Click the Task view button, and you'll get a quick glimpse of all of your open apps and can create virtual desktops with ease.
Windows 10 OS will launch around the middle of next year, after Microsoft's Build conference. Let us know what you think about New Windows 10 By sending your comments.
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