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25 Jun 2017

How to Know if Your Book is a Bestseller


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Posted By Colin W.

How do you know if you have a bestseller on your hands or not? What if you are the writer and you are completely confident that the book is unbeatable? You've had several professional book critics check out the manuscript prior to publishing. You've had numerous pre-publication book reviews done, critics dissected it and the best in the business critique it; thus, you went into publishing the book prepared, ready, and producing the upmost quality reaching perfection, but you are still not on the bestseller's list. You are left stunned and unsure why. Believe it or not there is actually a checklist publicists and publishers review before pitching any book as a bestseller and it should be your guide before writing and publishing your next book.

1. Timing is everything. Timing of your book is crucial in relations to the topic of the book and if the topic is a popular subject at the moment or not. Is it a hot topic in the media? Are office employees talking about it at the water cooler? For instance, when Octomom appeared on the scene, then it would have been a perfect moment to release a book covering the tribulations of giving birth and raising multiple sets of kids at once.

2. Use a grabbing title. The title is crucial regarding how to pitch your book and whose interest shall it peak. Too many times writers have award-winning stories on their hands, but lose potential readers with the title. Thus, ensure the title is appropriate, gripping, interesting, and keeps the reader wanting to pick up the book and never put it down until they are completely done with it.

3. Create a cover to attract your audience. It is true that people do judge a book by its cover. Bookstores will tell you that customers pick up books, flip through them solely due to the cover grabbing their attention. Therefore, before creating a cover ask yourself if the graphics stand out amongst the other books on the shelf. Are the colors inviting to your target market? For instance, if you are writing a fiction book geared towards women, then normally the book cover has appealing colors to females attracting the target market.

4. Use the grapevine. The best type of advertising for your book is to start talking about it to any and every person you meet. If you are in line at the grocery store, shopping, at the gym, on facebook, make sure you tell people about your book. The only way people are going to know about what you are up to and have published is to tell people. In addition, you want the gossip chain to continuously flow regarding you having a book available. Hence, it starts with you and without you kick starting the process, then the word about your book will never connect with the grapevine halting publicity possibilities within reach.

So remember before publishing your next book make sure these four tips are in place, and you shall have a bestseller on your hands.


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