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20 Jun 2017

Make The Most Of Your Commute With Widescreen Video Glasses


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Posted By Scotty B.

Do you spend your daily commute listening to music or trying to read the paper? If you're spending a few minutes on the bus, you probably get through a few songs or the front page news articles, hop off the bus or train and get on with your day. But if you have a longer commute, there's a better way to pass the time.

Wide screen video glasses can transform your daily commute into an incredible experience. Instead of closing your eyes while you listen to music and trying to relax, you can enjoy big screen video as well as audio with widescreen glasses. Plug them into your iPod, gaming device or laptop, and you'll instantly be transported to another world.

With widescreen video glasses, you have 52-inch widescreen video at your fingertips. Built in headphones allow you to enjoy audio without distraction. These glasses are lightweight, comfortable to wear and take just seconds to put on. One lithium AA battery will provide up to eight hours of viewing, so this is an economical way to enjoy entertainment on your daily commute.

If you like watching movies, you'll love widescreen glasses. You can watch movies with a portable DVD player or any other a/v device with composite video-out capabilities.

Forget staying up too late to catch today's latest flicks or watch your favorite TV shows. You can watch them all on a big screen while you travel to and from work. If you don't happen to won a 52-inch widescreen TV yet, you'll enjoy movies and TV programming much more with your glasses than at home.

Many people consider the commute to and from work two of the most stressful parts of their day. Trains and buses are noisy and crowded, and people can be rude. Trying to concentrate on reading can be not only frustrating, but stressful. Listening to music might help, but you're still aware of your uncomfortable or distasteful surroundings.

Widescreen video glasses take you out of the hectic world of commuting and place you in your own audio and visual realm. When you put on your widescreen glasses, it's like you're immersed in your own personal movie theatre. You'll find you look forward to your daily commute to work, and watching movies or playing games is a great way to unwind on the way home.

Wide screen video glasses are available online at a reasonable price, and considering the many hours of entertainment you'll enjoy during your daily commute makes them a great value. Of course, you'll find plenty of other times when you'll use your glasses, too - during flights, on your lunch break, or anytime you want to relax without distractions at home.

If you've always felt your work commute is a block of time that's wasted twice a day, do yourself the favor of investing in widescreen video glasses. Turn the most hectic part of your day into the most pleasurable, and you'll relieve stress for better physical as well as mental health.


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