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9 Jun 2017

Optimus Prime Costume - Tracking Down the Right One


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Posted By Delores M.

Optimus Prime costumes are part of a bigger Transformers culture that stems from the movies, books and action figures. Since Optimus Prime is seen as the hero of the Transformers, this is one costume that people of all ages enjoy wearing. If you want to wear an Optimus Prime costume, here are some hints to help you find one or make your own.

It is both fun and very challenging to make your own Optimus Prime costume. Unlike a lot of other costumes, this one has lots of props and other three dimensional elements because Optimus Prime is a robot whose entire body is made up primarily of gadgets and tools and weapons. That's why, for your costume, you'll need things like foam core, cardboard, cans, tubing, piping and anything else that you can paint and mold into the different pieces of Optimus Prime's arsenal. You need to start yourself off with a really good illustration or even one of his action figures so that you will know exactly which elements you need to build into your costume. You'll want to allow yourself a good window to build your costume because even though it is very satisfying it is also very complex.

Any person, regardless of gender or age, can wear an Optimus Prime costume. It's true that, originally, the Transformers is a franchise that was originally aimed at children but a lot of adults like the series as well. For one thing, the Transformers have been around for such a long time that people who started playing with the toys as children are now all grown up. It's also lots of fun to join your kids in dressing up for parties. This means that there are all sorts of adult sized Optimus Prime costumes as well as child sized costumes to choose from. After all, this is a character who is drawn and designed to be large and powerful so lots of grownups have fun playing the role. A big Optimus Prime can be very impressive to look at, particularly if it is the 3D costume that has all sorts of gadgets built into it.

Perhaps the most impressive quality of Optimus Prime is his ability to turn into a truck. In some of the earlier versions, he has the ability to turn into a variety of animals. This is related to the Transformers concept because obviously these are robots who have the power to transform themselves into other things.

It is hard to incorporate this idea into your costume but some of the more innovative costume designers are able to do it. Lots of Optimus Prime costumes simply shoe a large truck on the front of the character's chest and sometimes it will have a variety of special effects included like light and sound. You can find costumes that will incorporate this element, you need to be creative and think of ways to make it your own. In the world of Optimus Prime costumes there is a lot of variety. You can find pretty much everything from cheap costumes that are only meant to be worn once or twice to high quality replica costumes of the characters you've seen in the Transformers movies. It doesn't matter what kind of budget you are on, dressing up like Optimus Prime is a great chance to pretend you are one of the world's leading heroes.


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