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4 Jun 2017

DBMS Advantage and Disadvantage


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Posted By Ronda B.

The Web as a platform for the database system can offer innovative solutions to business problems of inter-and intra-company. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to this approach.

Advantage : -

* Flexibility :- Since programs and data are independent, programs should not be changed if different species are added or deleted data from the database, or when changes of physical memory.

* Rapid response to inquiries :- Since the data are integrated into a single database, complex queries can be processed much faster if the data were separate, non-integrated files. In many companies, better customer service means a faster response.

* Multiple Access :- Database allows data in a variety of ways (eg different key areas) and are often accessed using several programming languages (both 3GL and 4GL programs nonprocedural).

* The reduced training costs for users: Users often find it easier to learn these systems and training costs can be reduced. Similarly, the total time for processing applications to be shorter, thereby increasing user productivity.

* Less storage :-Theoretically, all occurrences of data elements to be stored only once, allowing the storage of redundant data. System developers and designers of databases often use data standardization to minimize data redundancy.


Reliability :- The Internet is a reliable means of communication and slow down when a request is made via the Internet, there is no real guarantee of delivery.

Safety :- Safety is a major concern for an organization that makes its database available on the Internet. User authentication and secure transmission of data is due to the large number of anonymous users may be important.

Cost :- the maintenance cost is very expensive.

Scalability :- Web application can be unpredictable and potentially make an enormous peak loads. This requires the development of an architecture of high-performance server that is highly scalable. To improve scalability, Web hosting farms were using two or more servers to the site itself launched. HTTP requests are usually distributed on each server in the farm in a round-robin load and therefore the site is sent to process additional requests. However, this can get status information for the complex.

Functionally limited HTML

Statelessness :- The statelessness of the Web environment management provides the connection to databases and the application requirements of user transactions more difficult to obtain additional information.

Performance :- In many parts of the central database to the web clients complex interpreted languages, so that they are slower than the traditional customer databases filled by native speakers


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