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9 Jun 2017

Why Use an Internet Usage Monitoring Software?


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Posted By Leland D.

In the article "US exchange websites attacked" by The Financial Times, it's reported that the public websites of some securities exchanges in the US experienced outages after facing some cyber attacks; however, their trading systems were unaffected. Nasdaq OMX, BATS Trading and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) were targeted but no attempts to extract data were reported. According to Nasdaq, the disruption was more of "an attempt to block access", instead of retrieving information. BATS and CBOE reported the same thing. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on the other hand didn't experience any network outage. Due to this incident, US lawmakers advised them to "bolster their defences and reporting of attacks. The Securities and Exchange Commission also issued guidance that companies should report cybercrime incidents in their financial reports.

Just like the securities exchanges' encounters of cyber attacks, businesses are also concerned with the security of their own website and network. Oftentimes, the problem comes internally. The management doesn't know what the employees are doing online during working hours, how they spend their time online, or which non-work-related sites they visit.This doesn't only affect the employees' productivity, but alsoposes a risk to the company's network security.

The Importance of Internet Usage Monitoring

It is important that you protect your business by protecting your network through an Internet usage monitoring software. This will help you manage your employees' Internet use, block websitesand restrict unnecessary downloads. Installing an internet usage monitoring software is beneficial for employersand managers to monitor and controlthe employees' online activities. Here are some other benefits:
      * Provide reports on different undesirable online activities by employees
      * Prevent employees from accessing irrelevant and unlawful sites during work hours and in the company's network
      * Control the installation and downloads of files and softwarethatcan be harmful to your network
      * Maximise bandwidth use

CyberWave: A Complete Web Management Solutions Package

If you're looking for a complete package that keeps your employees' productivity and efficiency in place and your network's security and safety, there's CyberWave Web Management Solutions to cater to the monitoring, filtering, and reporting needs of small businessesand large corporations.They have a proxy Internet filter and web reporting services to assist managers and other departments of the company. Here are some of the applications they offer:
      * CyBlock Proxy - Filtering Proxy Server
           o has an all-in-one proxy server that filters and reports an employee's web use
           o blocks web access to spyware, pornography, gambling and more
           o produces web-use reports that are detailed, accurate and actionable
           o allows you to create customised white lists
      * Cyfin Reporter - Log Analyzer
           o prepares the log files on web use in manager-ready reports
           o produces accurate employee web-use reports that are detailed, accurate and actionable
           o monitors web use by user, group and entire organisation
      * CyBlock ISA - Filter for ISA Server
           o prevents unwanted security threats from employee web use
           o blocksweb access to music downloads, spyware, games and more
           o produces web-use reports that are detailed, accurate and actionable
           o features white list filtering by user, group or enterprise
           o has a customisable blocking message
      * Cyfin Proxy - Monitoring Proxy Server
           o has the power of a proxy server and real-time monitor in one easy solution
           o produces reliable, manager-ready reports to help detect web abuse immediately
           o monitors and reports an employee's web usage
           o shows web activity as it is happening with the real-time monitor

They are your one-stop Internet filtering and reporting solutions store.


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