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13 Jun 2017

Choose Low Cost Web Design Packages that Create Effective Websites


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Posted By Nick G.

Inspired by his 10-year-old daughter Karma, actor-rapper Ludacris has finally launched an interactive children's educational website after more than a year of working on the project withcreative designers, web developers, teachers, children, and Karma who was involved in the design process and the is a hub for children's age-appropriate games, stories and songs in geography, math, science and social responsibilities, and for parents and teachers' creative tips and lessons to engage children. The international celebrity hopes that this site will spark a new wave of fun education.

Although Karma was actively involved in the selection of colours and character designs,the creative team hadan important task of using and blending these colours to make the site appealing to children. Aside from the colours, the choice of font type and size also contributes to the effectiveness of the site to its target audience. These are only some of the features a good children's website must have.Whether it's a professional, educational, commercial or personal website, each one has a purpose and a target audience.

Essential Tips for an Effective Website

If you're planning to set up a professional website, make sure you get web designerswho have good web design packages and can show you a track record of successful sites in their web design portfolio. Even if you're on a budget, you can still have a low cost web design with great results.There are several essential factors that affectthe effectiveness of your commercial website. Below are some of the basic characteristicsyour online site should have:

* Clean and appealing appearance in all screen resolutions
* To attract potential customers
* To encourage existing customers to keep visiting the site
* To make the content readable even if the customer's computer's default fonts are used
* Clear and easy navigation
* To make it easy for new site visitors to access the different pages of your site
* To enable visitors to see and access important links and sections
* Highly functional and usable
* To have useful features that would enable customer interactions: contact form, online payment, instructions, advice, etc.
* To be able to view and access the site properly in all browsers
* Effective Search Engine Optimisation
* To lead web traffic into your site
* To increase brand awareness
* To analyse which pages have the most visitors and which ones need modification
* Fastloading
* To keep the visitors interested in your site, instead of staring at a blank page because it's taking a long time to load

Ardanae Design Offers Customised Web Design Packages

Acknowledging the importance of the abovementioned factors, Ardanae Design makes sure that they create web designs that help build the online presence and attract customers. Their low cost web designs meet XHTML and CSS standards for optimum performance. They ensure that even with a limited budget, small businesses can experience equally standard websites as those of their competitors.They also customise web banners for advertising on and off your site. And to help drive traffic to your website, they can even help you with an email campaign for your online marketing.


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